Ideal Protein

Many popular diet plans include foods that contain toxins like aspartame, MSG, and GMOs. And as we already know, an unhealthy program will only lead to unhealthy weight loss. Ideal Protein, a doctor derived weight loss protocol that transforms the body’s ability to metabolize sugar, is now offered through Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists.

For the body to function properly, it draws energy from fat, protein, and glycogen reserves (what we commonly call carbohydrates). Our bodies are also designed to protect us in time of famine and store up to 3 days of carbohydrates at a time.  This is unfortunate for those that are trying to lose weight as those 3 days of glycogen or carbs must be burned prior to fat stores being touched.

Ideal Protein works by safely putting the body into a state of ketosis, where, because the system lacks glucose, it generates ketones, which are substances that cause the body to burn fat. This is where most other “low carb” diets have failed, because people would adopt a high protein diet, lose weight, but then gain the weight back when they reintroduced carbohydrates back into their diet.

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