Vascular Studies

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please call the office by 3:00 pm the day prior to your test.

No special preparation is required for most studies.

Renal/Abdominal Vessel Studies require the following preparation: No food after midnight the night before the test. For late afternoon testing, have dry toast and clear liquids for an early breakfast. Take your normal medications with small sips of water. Take Gas-X the night before and the morning of the test.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and two-piece clothing (without metal snaps). Do not wear jewelry.

Bring all medications, or a list of medications, for review.

Friends/family are welcome to accompany you to the office but are not allowed in the testing area due to our privacy policy.

Allow approximately 1 hour for the test.

Test results will be communicated to you by your physician.

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