Cardiac Device Clinic

An Important Announcement for Patients with Medtronic Devices

The Virginia Cardiovascular Specialist device clinic provides comprehensive device management for patients with implanted pacemakers, ICDs, and loop recorders.  This clinic coordinates both in-office/clinic visits and remote evaluation appointments to ensure optimal function of your device.

VCS Pre-Implant Patient Letter

VCS Post Generator Implant Instructions

Merlin Home Monitoring System

Product Brochure
VCS FAQ – Merlin Home Monitoring Wireless
VCS FAQ – Merlin Home Monitoring Wanded

Latitude Home Monitoring:

VCS FAQ – Latitude
Patient Brochure

CareLink Monitoring:

CareLink product brochure
VCS FAQ – CareLink Pacemaker
VCS FAQ – CareLink ICD

Patient Resource

Arrhythmia Answers, a heart rhythm resource for patients